Originally their main attraction and icon for the site is a frog and it's sound sound effects. However this sound effect was intended to be a sound effect for a flash file known as "insanity test".
Jamster has taken this sound and has dubbed it crazy frog sound which you can now purchase for your cell phone. With little or no changes in the voice, segments were made of a girls frog voice and other parts of the entire ring tone and sold off as their own.
While just about everything else on their site was just a graphic stolen from elsewhere, they remain keeping the frog as their spokes person for the company.

This is just the wrong way for any company to turn, it's supprising there is soo much proffit in decorating your phone. Which to people who use this site and pay for their services gladly like hold their phone as a symbol of place in society and have to be connected to every breathing mouth at all times.

Hopefully this will just be another internet business that will come and go. However so many other sites are emerging offering the same services. It just so happens jamster is whoring itself out with advertising everywhere and offering it's free music even at fast food places.
source: Jeordiewhite
The insanity test is on www.funnyjunk.com
A bs cell phone thing
by tensor465 April 11, 2005
Top Definition
Larry: Hey dude listen to my Jamster Ring t-
Bob: (fires magnum at larry)
by Oz January 17, 2005
Retarded cellphone ringtone provider with irritating commercials and VERY unfunny songs and sounds. People who have ordered ringtones from Jamster can be found on the short bus or working in Wal*mart.

"Where muh baby daddy at? WHERE HE BE?"
by Chernorizets Hrabr January 19, 2005
A ringtone company that is responsible for producing the most unbearably irritating commercials to have ever plagued television. Most hideously annoying of all is that sodding "frog" (which resembles a swollen tumour given eyes, a helmet, and tiny genetalia with a "Censored" tag crapped across it), whose high-pitched squealing, ridiculously annoying animations and general nature, all proves that Jamster is making their profits from a DELIBERATE attempt to drive people insane. So far, for many audiences, it's working.

Aside from that sodding amphibian that's become Jamster's most infamously irritating mascot, Jamster provide equally annoying ringtones, wallpapers and screensavers, many of which are crass, crappy, and/or lame, 4-5 frame animations. Anybody willing to waste money for something that was directly manifested out of pure hate, evil and a company's desire to further shove one more annoying commercial into the TV network's already over-bloated advertising market... need to be cleansed from the human gene pool.
Watcher #1: "Oh shits, not that fucking Jamster commercial! SHIT, where's the fucking remote?!"
Crazy Frog: *mimics a DJ whilst squeaking in pitched tones*
Watcher #1: "Ah, shit! I can't find it! Quick, do SOMETHING!"
Watcher #2: "AAAARRGGGGH!!" *hurls a baseball bat into the TV-screen*
Watcher #1: "That's the third fucking television Jamster's caused me to break. Fuck, I need to start keeping track of where the remote's kept."
by Alhadis May 25, 2005
Yep, they got the evil fucker Jamster in the UK as well. I wanna see that frog be brutally tortured. They need to be stopped at all costs...Whos with me?
Pull out troops in Iraq and set them to assault Jamster HQ.
by L_Z February 14, 2005
Provider of ringtones the proves that man has taken many a step downward in the evolutionary cycle
Please, no more Jamster commercials!
by Dagon February 04, 2005
Most retarded commercials ever in the history of television.
The annoying ass frog shall forever haunt me in my dreams.
by Bobby De Niro January 20, 2005
you can sum up jamster is aprox. 1 word. here ya go

"I got a new jamster ringtone"
"You die now."
by james t April 13, 2005

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