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read all the above and below definitions - thats melbourne.

now youve probably realised everyone from melbourne just spends their time feeling insecure by constantly telling you WHY melbourne is better than sydney - they always have to compare


they have an awesome street art and music scene
sydney kid - so yeah its pretty nice down in melbourne

melbourne kid - yeah like we have the many afl teams, the mcg, federation square, better weather oh and its all SO MUCH better than sydneys stuff. oh did i mention we're the sports capital of australia? oh and the afl?

sydney kid - right. but you havent won it for like 5 years?
by jamesmc February 26, 2007
the worst thing to happen to tv
if i saw the jamster ceo i would gank the fuck out of him
by jamesmc August 22, 2007
what used to be a good music channel on australia's cable tv network foxtel.

why don't you play good music anymore?

instead of playing the same 5 artists and songs that every other channel and commercial radio station play - branch out and playing something different and new!

now they sometimes play rhianna and timbaland video clips in between the jamster commercials

the music director of channel v is a piece of shit.
teen 1: want to watch channel v?
teen 2: no


young kid 1: remember when channel v was good? with jabbas morning glory?? you know, until he smoked like a few pounds of weed in band in a bubble and had a complete mental breakdown?

by jamesmc October 03, 2008

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