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Can be used in both singular and plural forms in order to describe the police
"Words of wisdom from Nas - Try to rise up above; Keep an eye out for Jake, shorty - one love."
- Nas, 'One Love'

"Call it a New York state of mind - gotta take mine. In the daytime the Jakes'll hit ya forty-one times."
- Wu-Tang Clan, 'Let My Niggas Live'
by thedvs01 January 22, 2005
Scatology is a type of fetish sex. Scatology combines sexual intercourse with defocation. During this process, excrement is eaten, rubbed on various body parts, sniffed, and played with. Also, one sex partners can take turns defocating on eachother in order for erotic pleasure.

Synonym - 'poopsex'
Hey Gary, why the hell are you looking at the gross Scatology porn. Are you into poopsex, you sick mother fucker?
by thedvs01 May 04, 2003
A very masculine looking, dressing, sounding, and acting lesbian.

Not to be confused with a 'lesbo'. Lesbos are commonly more attractive lesbians (the type that you would like to see in pornography).

A dyke is an ugly lesbian, and only an ugly lesbian. Common traits of a dyke are short hair, deep voices, and overdress in plaid and denim.
I think my Physical Education teacher might be a dyke.
by thedvs01 May 04, 2003
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