One of the cutest guys in school.....but once to know him he is a complete dick.
Jake, a guy at your school.
by Jaynie, Krtisten October 05, 2012
A born King or other high monarch. (monarch Latin: monarcha (mono: "one/the best of all" + arch "chief" + a "hAte for hAters") which referred to a single, at least nominally, absolute ruler)
He is born that way. Its not his fault that he is mightier than you. A person that doesn't accept his greatness is generally referred to as a faggot or cunt. His leadership is bringing mankind back to light.
Even though he really hates you for being a homo you just can't but love him because of his stupid offending jokes.
He would always stand up for his mates with his "I don't give a f*ck-face" and being good cunt all the time.
Better knee down when you meet him as this is the only proper way to show him your submissiveness and the right height to suck him off.
You get to experience a higher purpose of life following your leader, jake.
by randomcunt July 05, 2012
A fatass lard that likes to eat twinkies off the ground. And is a thirsty boy
Whoa your such a Jake
by WhiteVan September 25, 2013
A gay faggot. The biggest faggot you will meet. He also has a low activity in the bed and a 2 inch long chode and it is 3 feet wide. Gets no bitches.
Wow jake is so gay
by Objective101 June 02, 2014
A Jake is a guy that will be a terrible kisser. He will be way too clingy and an awkward boyfriend. He won't know how to handle a break-up
Girl 1: How did Jake handle the break-up?
Girl 2: He cried for a week
by Karma-13 January 11, 2014
Glittery, small-dicked faggot.
Jake is a jake.
by Liaraff December 04, 2011
Guy 2: No, I don't want to.
by Snake77 November 08, 2010
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