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One of the cutest guys in school.....but once to know him he is a complete dick.
Jake, a guy at your school.
by Jaynie, Krtisten October 05, 2012
Yet another way to say gay. To things, not at someone.
-Usually expressed by spelling J-A-K-E, Jake, Jake, Jake!
Thats Jake!!!
by Tom Smith Leroy III November 23, 2003
to put something together haphazardly or inefficiently.
My TV antenna broke so I took some duct take and jaked it together.
by Jake McClenahan May 25, 2005
A common American name, usually someone who is gay.
My brother Jake, likes other men.
by Sweet niblets May 01, 2009
Something hella gay or super lame.
That movie was so jake.
by KickassKayleen June 15, 2009
One who is keen to sucking balls
That dude is such a Jake.
by xsvrampage March 23, 2009
A euphemism for penis. It can be used to describe an actual penis, or to describe the offensive behavior of another.
Reid - Whats wrong with Noel?
Robert - He got kicked in the jake.
Reid - Who did it?
Robert - Lee did, he's being such a jake lately.
by Kevin Edwards January 30, 2007
A no good lying asshole who will never be happy because he will always, ALWAYS, fuck his life up, no matter how much he lies to himself.

Other wise known as a huge fucking loser.
Yeah...Jake fucked me over too.
by Silly me I didn't realize August 23, 2008