Usually followed by an Escapee, which is a fart that escapes while pooping or peeing this usually happens when on the toilet or at the urinal station. It is a series of farts escaping making a machine-gun like noise, when a jailbreak happens, it is wise to just act as though it never happened, this will ease embarrasment on your part and on the part of others within earshot.
"Dude it was so funny, I was washing my hands at the sink in the bathroom at Madam X's porn shop and a guy had a jailbreak, I was laughing so hard I dropped my ten porno vid's I had just bought!"

-True Story
by Rice Hater July 11, 2005
Top Definition
to crack an iPhone so it can run 3rd party programs. just like how you were able to install other programs w/PSP
noob: dude, u gotta update your iPhone, the new patch is awesome
guy: screw that, I'm waiting for someone to jailbreak the new patch so I can run my games
by inoesomestuff November 12, 2007
In electronics: to enable use of a consumer electronics product not intended by the manufacturer through the exploitation of software hacks.

Commonly used to refer to enabling a carrier-locked phone, such as the iPhone, to accept SIM cards from other carriers. Or a restricted platform to run unlicensed or homebrew software.
"If you don't want to pay for AT&T on your iPhone, you can just jailbreak it."
by Ex Omni July 23, 2008
When you prematurely ejaculate, usually while in public.
Clint: That girl's so hot...
Steve: Making eye contact with here will make your jail break.
by BustaNutz June 29, 2011
In reference to a married or co-habitating couple, on parole refers to when one's spouse or partner is out of town, leaving the other person to temporarily live a pseudo-single life style, wasting time and money in an orgy of short-lived freedom. Often characterized by the person hanging out with his or her single friends, that have probably not been contacted in a long time. Also refered to as a on parole.
Dude, Sally is out of town. So it's a jail break for John! He wants us to hit up the titty-bars every night this week!
by Houman February 01, 2006
noun; having a bowel movement in such a way where the waste leaves your body with great force and quantity. This is the type of event you cannot stop once set in motion and you would prefer to have happen in a safe and familiar bathroom.
I shouldn't have had all that Mexican food last night. That is definitely going to cause a jail break in the morning.
by Patrick V. Dooce December 31, 2008
when a large group of black people are walking together or rolling deep
EX: "lunch time" : ohh god All the black people are coming "JAIL BREAK!"
by niggasukadick December 22, 2009
When your penis dangles down one of your legs and partly exists outside of your underwear. Never happens when wearing tight pants.
"Yo dude, look away. I've got to put my hand in and stop a jailbreak.
by Deli God February 23, 2013

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