when a large group of black people are walking together or rolling deep
EX: "lunch time" : ohh god All the black people are coming "JAIL BREAK!"
by niggasukadick December 22, 2009
Usually occurs while farting or "break"ing wind. During a windbreak a small unassuming turd seizes the opportunity and sneeks out while the door is open (so to speak).
I can't believe it, but I was out crop dusting in the hallway yesterday and had a jailbreak, so I had to visit the restroom for a cleanup on aisle 5.
by Chas501 July 25, 2008
The act of stealing your phone back from your parents after they have "confiscated" it because you went over on texts or minutes.
"Hey text me later about saturday!" Krista
"Sure, oh shit I forgot my parents took my phone! I'll have to jailbreak it!"
by lucy=D July 15, 2008
The rare and exciting occurrence when one or both of a woman's breasts pop out of the bra accidentally and are exposed for all to see.
Woah! Jailbreak! Nice titty.


Dude, did you catch that near jailbreak?
Yeah, I definitely saw a bit of a nipple.
by The Grazer July 14, 2008
To unlock a cell phone from its service provider so that it can be used with other SIM cards from different companies.
To unlock an iphone from AT&T and make it a free bird. Just shove in any GSM tri-band SIM card and you are good to go! thats what you call jailbreak
by S.H.R July 12, 2008
Usually followed by an Escapee, which is a fart that escapes while pooping or peeing this usually happens when on the toilet or at the urinal station. It is a series of farts escaping making a machine-gun like noise, when a jailbreak happens, it is wise to just act as though it never happened, this will ease embarrasment on your part and on the part of others within earshot.
"Dude it was so funny, I was washing my hands at the sink in the bathroom at Madam X's porn shop and a guy had a jailbreak, I was laughing so hard I dropped my ten porno vid's I had just bought!"

-True Story
by Rice Hater July 11, 2005
the act of throwing waterballoons or other suff at a person who is sitting on the toilet in a public restroom and running off
we've been pullin' jailbreaks since ever
by spark March 20, 2005
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