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to crack an iPhone so it can run 3rd party programs. just like how you were able to install other programs w/PSP
noob: dude, u gotta update your iPhone, the new patch is awesome
guy: screw that, I'm waiting for someone to jailbreak the new patch so I can run my games
by inoesomestuff November 12, 2007
created by the people at Suprnova.org including sloncek. its is going to be a new client for p2p sharing thats built on the BitTorrent protocol.

it was made to get rid of the need for trackers (such as suprnova and thepiratebay.org) to dowload torrents from. it is currently in beta and schedualed to be released sometime in January 2005

unfortunatly this new program will be ad supported (see: kazaa) and the final version may also have spyware
eXeem will suck because it is not open source and it will probably have banner ads
by inoesomestuff January 13, 2005
NPD is a large polling company that that helps other companies report information about public. occationally they mess up really bad
According to NPD, the most popular music downloading services are: 1) WinMX 2) iTunes 3) LimeWire 4) KaZaA 5) BearShare
by inoesomestuff June 07, 2005
i mystical creature with a sharp horn on its head. the chances of you finding one in real life is about the same as finding a mary-sue
Girls are like unicorns, beautiful, intellegent, but if u get to close u get gored"
by inoesomestuff June 09, 2005
a mythical creature that is rarely found, see girlfriend
The chances of you finding a girlfriend is the same as you finding a unicorn
by inoesomestuff October 31, 2004

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