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offensive breath obtained by smoking inexpensive cigars
Vinnie reluctantly lit another black n mild, knowing full well the atrocious horse-cock breath it would give him.
by ccnutmnkey December 07, 2004
Verb; Sexual activity between two gay men. The term "squashbuckling" is sometimes submitted.
I was going to take a shower after practice but two fags were Swordfighting in the shower.
by ccnutmnkey December 08, 2004
rape, force sexual intercourse.
i tried to talk to her but she wouldnt even holla at me, i guess im gonna have to longdick that bitch.
by ccnutmnkey December 07, 2004
accidental defecation during flatulence
you better check your drawers, that sounded like a jailbreak.
by ccnutmnkey December 08, 2004
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