noun - ('jak-as)

1. a donkey (esp. male)

2. a fool, a stupid person (esp. a man)

3. a person (esp. a man) who, through an action, tries to show superiority, dominance, authority, precedence, or supremacy in any way, (including any form of the following, but not limited to: haughtiness, belittling another for one's own gain, and a boastful displaying of wealth, intelligence, physical strength/endurance/balance, refinement, and/or power) but, through performing the action successfully or unsuccessfully, displays the opposite of that which he intended

4. a person (esp. a man) who experiences no shame or embarrassment for any action he commits, regardless of the outlandishness of the action

5. a person (esp. a man) who purposefully displays actions of a bizarre, or extravagantly abnormal in order to seek attention
1. Equus asinus is commonly known as a jackass, especially if it has a penis.

2. "My husband can't use an oven-timer."
"What a jackass."

3. "Some fat soccer-mom tried to tell me her son was better than mine at my son's game, just as my son scored a goal; her son was the goalie!"
"What a bitch!"
"Yeah, I called her a jackass. She didn't say a word, because she knew I was right."

4. Brandon Cole Margera is such a jackass.

5. "Last week, he went streaking through the quad, then on Monday, he hung a HUGE flag with a picture of his face off of the roof on the side of the dining hall, and today he tried to start a flashmob during halftime!"
"What a jackass!"
by A A Torrarfa January 22, 2013
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Top Definition
1)n. A type of Donkey
2)n. A stupid or idiotic person
3)n. A show on MTV in which people preform dangeorus stunts that look pretty cool.
4)n. See: Edwin cruz
1. I own some donkeys and some jackasses.
2. Stop being a jackass, Kayla!
3. I'm going to watch Jackass.
4. Go away and get a life, jackass!
by Anonymous June 16, 2003
A show named after its target audience
Jackass: Whoa! Did you see that midget maranade himself in dogshit and throw himself down a hill! Now thats quality T.V!
by Dyne December 19, 2003
1.) A television show aired on MTV which stars people like Bam Magera, Johnny Knoxville and Ryan Dunn to name a few.
2.) A stupid person who has no common sense.
1.) Did you see Jackass last night? It was awesome when Knoxville was pelted with tazers!
2.) People like Tony Blair who condemm us to war are total Jackasses.
by Becky August 01, 2004
1. A donkey
2. My boss (or your boss)
My boss sucks and yours probably does too.
by Me September 29, 2003
1)extremely funny show on MTV starring Bam Margera, Johnny Knoxville and many others.

2)a total idiot
Hi, I'm Johnny Knoxville, welcome to Jackass!
by countrygirl January 01, 2005
What President Barack Obama called Kanye West after he stormed the stage at the VMAs.
Kanye West is a real jackass for what he did at the VMAs when Taylor Swift won.
by anon.ymous1 September 14, 2009
A person who is so damn ignorant that the things they do cause you and your friends to laugh even though it causes them Pain.
Can you believe that Jim shot himself in the foot, What a JACK ASS
by Dilligaf1971 October 04, 2007
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