a jacket which only reaches down to your waist, leaving your ass exposed.

"hey, it's like minus 40 out tonight!! didn't you freeze on your way over here with that jackass on??"

by Holly March 22, 2007
90% of the 'people' who submitted their frighteningly ignorant and downright hateful quasi-definitions to this website. If they're 'urban,' I'm glad I'm suburban.
"I wrote some funny stuff in the urban dictionary website, because nobody gives a damn about what I have to say in the real world, and I'm destined to work at McDonald's my entire pathetic life."
by Margaret July 23, 2004
A person who acts like a comeplete idiot. Or just someone who is acting strange and just not normal.
"Max is such a jackass, he can't count to 5."
"Are you sure? Yesterday I saw him count to 4."
by thewacko February 07, 2006
Yet another reason to hate Mtv.
Mtv is for jackasses.
by fuck Mtv December 02, 2005
a mtv and mtv2 tellie show about a crew made up of:
johnny knoxville, bam margera, ryan dunn, steve-o, chris pontius, and a couple other dudes.
swooning teen chick 1: "omg, ryan is so fucken hot!"
swooning teen chick 2: "no! bam is!"
swooning teen chick 3: "uhh your both wrong; steve-o is!"
swooning teen chick 4: "johnny is the hottest of the jackass crew!"
*swooning teen chicks begin to argue about who's the hottest]*
teen chick 5: *quietly* "hell, i'd do 'em all."
by love-bruises March 06, 2007
a person that does something stupid or funny that makes fun of someone else
ur a jackass
by luke maguire May 02, 2009
A stupid or uneducated person.
Look at that jackass trying to moon the cop!
by refuze May 16, 2005

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