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1.another Term of calling someone a Jerk.
a really unpleasenly anoying person
Dominic is a Jackass
by Sean Vernon December 23, 2003
90% of the 'people' who submitted their frighteningly ignorant and downright hateful quasi-definitions to this website. If they're 'urban,' I'm glad I'm suburban.
"I wrote some funny stuff in the urban dictionary website, because nobody gives a damn about what I have to say in the real world, and I'm destined to work at McDonald's my entire pathetic life."
by Margaret July 23, 2004
A person who acts like a comeplete idiot. Or just someone who is acting strange and just not normal.
"Max is such a jackass, he can't count to 5."
"Are you sure? Yesterday I saw him count to 4."
by thewacko February 07, 2006
Yet another reason to hate Mtv.
Mtv is for jackasses.
by fuck Mtv December 02, 2005
swooning teen chick 1: "omg, ryan is so fucken hot!"
swooning teen chick 2: "no! bam is!"
swooning teen chick 3: "uhh your both wrong; steve-o is!"
swooning teen chick 4: "johnny is the hottest of the jackass crew!"
*swooning teen chicks begin to argue about who's the hottest]*
teen chick 5: *quietly* "hell, i'd do 'em all."
by love-bruises March 06, 2007
a person that does something stupid or funny that makes fun of someone else
ur a jackass
by luke maguire May 02, 2009
A stupid or uneducated person.
Look at that jackass trying to moon the cop!
by refuze May 16, 2005