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Johnny Knoxville see moron
"you Johnny!"
by fred May 29, 2003
A derogatory term similar in meaning to asshole, or stupid asshole. Jackass is a term that's almost never used by today's young people but somehow it sounds hilarious when an old person says it and really means it.
The jerk CEO at a nursing home was telling old man Smith that if he was going to stay at this nursing home he would have to sell his house and possessions or be kicked out.

Old man Smith: "Jackass!"

Nursing staff covers their mouths and tries desperately to stifle their laughter. Old Man Smith just said exactly how they felt about their CEO.
by Urbanized hillbilly December 21, 2012
Kanye West: A douchebag self absorbed misadventure in social situations.
President Obama: “I thought that was really inappropriate,” adding, “{Kanye West}'s a jackass.”
by Not Kanye September 19, 2009
Any officer of the United States Army who graduated from West Point. This definition originates due to the fact that the school mascot is indeed a donkey.. aka .. YOU GUESSED IT ... A JACKASS
"THe new LT is from Westpoint." "Great just what we need another Jackass!!!"
by L|_|<45 December 11, 2006
being extremely fucking retarded
johnny knoxville is a jackass
by SUNNY BEASTSS June 03, 2009
the best mtv show ever, but now mtv sucks cause it plays shitty music
i love jackass
by rhcpgod August 13, 2003
A donkey, also known as an ass.
The Democrats' symbol is a jackass. Hmmmm, interesting...
by BlastMaster June 10, 2003