Kanye West
Only a real Jack ass would interrupt a teenager at an award show and embarrass her like that.
by SmileyRay December 26, 2009
1. a very foolish or stupid person.

2. a species of donkey.
Jim is such a jack ass.
by reddy123 October 13, 2007
a snooks, fool, or ass

derogatory term used to refer to a person without below average intellect.
J: That snooks is one jackass.
K: hey, that's my dad.
by whatup? April 15, 2006
The movie And sometimes people.
One of the performers sets fireworks of in his dads bedroom to wake him up, then in his car then puts a crocodile or alligator (I dunno which) in the kitchen in a attempt to make there mom say "FUCK". Thats a jackass!!!!!!!
by Niffty? October 25, 2005
a person that is completely annoying and very rude
Michael is the biggest jackass in the entire universe.
by Amanda is Awesomer Than You May 07, 2008
1) An idiotic person.
2) A type of Donkey
3) A show named after its target audience.
That guy is a jackass!
The jackass crapped on his lawn.
by bobalot March 04, 2005
1.another Term of calling someone a Jerk.
a really unpleasenly anoying person
Dominic is a Jackass
by Sean Vernon December 23, 2003
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