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a badass, baddest of the bad, a tank
wow, he is such a Cruz!
by Kuhtlin August 20, 2007
To be dumb, to philosophize using mundane and absurd opinions, to be missing part of a brain, to voice theories to the public that make no sense.
1) Cruz of the day: An infant must not assume that his mother's milk is the first milk to be drank, he must investigate the ancestry and dig deeper.
2) Cruz of the week: There are people on his earth who have not read the bible, the bible is not only the word of god but in a sense it is god's first novel... contemplate that
3) That was the dumbest thing I have ever heard, you sound like a Cruz.
by Squadsman February 07, 2014
The sound of a zebra queefing.
The ass dismounted the zebra with a sloppy cruz.
by NotSoRandom October 02, 2013
Spanish for cross.

A gorgeous petite woman that every man needs in their lives. Cruz is chill, funny and asks for nothing - therefore she deserves everything. People always tell their dirty secrets to her. Ask her for something & she'll get it. She is interesting. Cruz gets along with everyone.
Did hear about !@#$%?

No, I didn't but you should probably ask Cruz!
by Larry Castle October 23, 2013
to just hang out, usually involving ganja
bra, we go cruz sandys
by buttnipple October 28, 2008
1) Someone who is selfish and/or narcissistic.

2) A heartless person

3) A wannabe pimp
John: Can I borrow your phone?

Steve: No, get your own phone.

John: Oh come on, stop being a cruz!
by What1234890876 September 22, 2011
Has latin American origins and was first made popular by a prostitute from killah queens New York.
Can mean one of two things:
1. Prostitute specializing in receiving bukkake
2. Any whorish girl whose vagina is so loose that she must have a jar to catch all the juices as they fall out hourly.
1. Yo you gonna pay that cruz the full five dollars for a blowjob or are you gonna barter down to two?
2. You should probably use a condom with that cruz, if you know what I mean.
3. Damn im real drunk, call that cruz up so we can run a train.
by Juggs gotcha April 29, 2007