A show named after its target audience
Jackass: Whoa! Did you see that midget maranade himself in dogshit and throw himself down a hill! Now thats quality T.V!
by Dyne December 19, 2003
A TV show that acts like a Darwinism accelerator. hopefully will cause more stupid people to kill themselves trying to replicate the stunts featured on it.

I have already heard of a few cases happening.

This is wonderful stuff, keep up the good work guys.
Sam thought he was uber cool chucking himself off a roof into a bush. That was until he misjudged his jump and ended up cracking his skull open on the pavement :D what a jackass
by fillitofphiiish February 13, 2012
an awsome show that should be on every channel
Put Jackass on Cartoon Network!
by robert August 30, 2003
1) fool or moron
2) a popular TV show and movie that has said jackasses performing dangerous and crude stunts
3) someone who performs dangerous and crude stunts a la the TV show despite seeing warnings
by Anonymous May 20, 2003
1. best show on earth
2. best ever movie (jackass the movie)
3. my way of life...
(l)Mr. Knoxville is my GOD and JACKASS is my way of life(l)
by jess_the_jackass October 21, 2003
the best fucking show an movie around
dude did you see the wasabi snooters?
by yomama May 28, 2003
"male donkey", .. but other than that, someone who thinks they are right about a certain subject to the exclusion of even being able to comprehend another persons viewpoint, and they will generally take or make actions based on this superimposed 'im always right' attitude whether it hurts others or not ...
dude decided to hook up with some old highschool friends and leaves a note for his wife because shes working late, then he doesnt show up till the next morning .. what a jackass ..
by hijackednation October 16, 2010
Amazingly awesome person
That girl is a total jackass.
by UnnamedPerson October 25, 2010

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