a suffix added to the end of words that makes them more legit.
The following phrases are enhanced by the use of -izzle:

I'm the real deal for sure bitch.
I'm the rizzle dizzle fo shizzle bizzle.


Excuse me sir, I would beg to disagree.
Yo, shut the fuck up. izzle.

by Joegonuclear November 08, 2007
Dubble Dutch Slang from the song Double Dutch Bus by Frankie Smith
Fo' shizzle
by clownin247 September 07, 2003
-izzle (iz'-zl)

A suffix added to the end of the last syllable of a word, originated by Snoop Dogg as a method to make words rhyme.
Usage: –izzle is best used when preceded by a consonant sound.

Ex. 1: Fo' Shizzle / "For Sure"
Ex. 2: Neptizzle / Neptune
Ex. 3: "D - O - Double /j/-izzle (G)
Ex. 3: Valentizzle / Valentine
by Zeppelin May 09, 2003
Latest "word" used to further bastardize the English language in the long decent to pure and total mental nothingness. Also, a language used to mock thug gangstas.
Boy, people who speak izzle sure are fucktards. Either that, or they're being ironic.
by WadaTah October 26, 2003
Add izzle at the end of almost anyword except words like the it and etc.
yizzle my nizzle wanna smizzle some potizzle fo shizzle dizzle then we can fizzle some bizzles

Translation:yo my nigga wanna smoke some pot fo sho dogg then we can fuck some bitches
by bulldogg June 29, 2003
izzle is just an excuse for white ppl to act black & a way to just finish each word if ur dumb enough not how to spell the rest of the word
izzle fa shizzle manizzle izzleizzle
by the izzle queen May 11, 2006
-izzle - noun forming suffix - a suffix used to make a verb into a noun, demonstrating the characteristics of that verb. Used most in the forms of shizzle & hizzle. Shizzle when used in connection with the words "for" or "fo" means the english word sure. Any other use of shizzle means the word "shit." Be something "the shit" or just as a general statement of displeasure, that is how shizzle is used.
Off the hizzle fo shizzle my nizzle!
by Disturbed April 21, 2004

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