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See spithead.
Paul Wolfowitz, thy name is spithead.
by Zeppelin June 28, 2004
Person who practices 1960s hedonism in his/her personal life, but abolishes all the hard parts (social responsibility) of that decade's cause. Normally a chicken hawk, as well. Often uses drugs but wants to spend $37,000/year of taxpayer money to ruin the lives of poorer people who do the same.
If you haven't figured it out, the neocons are in control right now.
by Zeppelin June 28, 2004
Name given to Paul Wolfowitz following the release of Fahrenheit 9/11, wherein he uses saliva to shine his hair. Mike Church takes credit for the meme, but of course he would.
Great cosmetic innovation, spithead.
by Zeppelin June 28, 2004
Nonce who exposes himself to young girls on webcam, who he meets through the metalhammer messageboards, also has a taste for the underagers.
Zeppelin: "Klown you fucking paedo"
by Zeppelin September 16, 2004
-izzle (iz'-zl)

A suffix added to the end of the last syllable of a word, originated by Snoop Dogg as a method to make words rhyme.
Usage: –izzle is best used when preceded by a consonant sound.

Ex. 1: Fo' Shizzle / "For Sure"
Ex. 2: Neptizzle / Neptune
Ex. 3: "D - O - Double /j/-izzle (G)
Ex. 3: Valentizzle / Valentine
by Zeppelin May 09, 2003
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