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A state of advanced irritation and/or crankiness.
I'm already ibble about rush hour traffic, don't make it worse by cutting me off.
by Cathy January 27, 2004
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Ibble: Nonsense or babble, of a silly
"Deekoo was ibbling madly."
by Deekoo L. August 27, 2003
To jump in and out of small spaces rapidly.
can also be used to describe quick exits in social situations.
'Jeez, did you see Becky try and push those toxic waste bars on us?'
'I know, I ibbled out of there as fast as I could!'
by Benjy-x June 21, 2009
a made up language that replaces vowels with the word 'ibble'
like we care?
by kelp April 18, 2003

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