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used in primary school to describe something that was simple to do. Even if it wasnt you would still say it is cos you wanna look good.
that is so easy, it is sinch! Id beat you up but it'd b sinch so why bother
by domizzle April 09, 2005
what would morgan freeman do
dude should i go do some drugs?
he wouldnt, lets be cool like him and not do drugs
by Domizzle May 31, 2006
Someone who is not as good as yourself.
Domizzle - hey jude your such a weakston.

by Domizzle July 26, 2005
used to make your cat jump up on the sofa, or to move ppls legs who are lying on the sofa so you cant sit down
me: uplage cat!
cat: fuck off!

me: dude uplage
dude: nah
by domizzle May 16, 2006
suffix: attached to words to make them sound authentic gangster.
domizzle he da man! (dominic he is so damn clever)

fo shizzle (for sure, or of course)
by Domizzle August 20, 2005

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