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An uncommon spelling of the nickname Izzie or Izzy. Short for Isabel or Elizabeth.
Heath: Did you see Elizabeth today? She was looking hot.

Jack: Elizabeth? Oh, you mean Izzi. Yeah, she's fine.
by Heathcliff13 February 01, 2010
the most amazing awesome wonderful girl in the world that makes everyone else look like a piece of shit and she is the best.
damn i was walking down the street and i saw a hot mamma and i asked who that was and they said she was izzi
by the huntzer February 10, 2011
Fabtabulous and beautiful. The greatest girl on the planet who Sullivan should TOTAAAAAALLY go out with.
by BUTTFACEMGEE January 31, 2013
a lil bitch. the loudest person you know. 50 shades of insane, 52 flavors of obnoxious, but one of the funniest ppl u will ever meet.
Izzi: the struggle is real!!1!
Everyone else: gtfo
by PandaMac September 08, 2014
muscle man . stop picking up that car
He-Man - he has the power
by Superman February 27, 2004
another word for a wide set vagina
dude that girl last night had one hell of an izzi i could fit 3 of me in there
by annabellafrankenstein December 09, 2008
Another word/name for a wide set vagina.
Oh my, you definately have an izzi... Could I go up the back door instead?
by SeniorSexarita February 04, 2009
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