Clarification: the -izz- is placed after the initial consonant, or if the word begins with a vowel, at the beginning of the word.
"Ow, I banged my arm!"

"Ow, I bizzanged my izzaarm!"

"Ow, I bizzed my izz"
by A speculator March 18, 2003
Top Definition
An infix that was originally used to sanitize words so they could be played on the radio. You can say (1b) on the radio, but not (1a). It is inserted into any word immediately after a syllable-initial consonant (1), or in mono-syllabic vowel-initial word, at the beginning of the word (2). This infix contributes no meaning to the word, but is a part of a series of hip-hop word games, starting with -iz- and developing to include -izz and -izzle which truncate the remaining part of the word.
(1a) f**k the bit*h with a jackhammer
(1b) fizzuck the bizzitch with a jizzackhizzammer

(2a) H to the O, V to the A (from the Jay-Z song 'HOVA')
(2b) H to the Izzo, V to Izza (/Izzey/)
by Reilly January 26, 2004
A person who is :chill, kickback, dope ass mo-fo. Funny, smart, witty, and down for his. Charming, outgoing, non-beer drinker.

That guy you wanna meet.
" damn man, you raised your game up, not gonna lie your pretty much Izz-STATUS"
by Sarah Pumpernickle May 13, 2009
It is simply ebonic pig latin.
Pig Latin becomes Pizzig Lizzatin.
Fo' Sho' becomes fizzo shizzo, or fo shizzo, which then became shizzle, in and of itself a new slang word.
by Kurt March 19, 2003
Izz - street slang used to show agreement, support, your right...
Guy 1, "Dude, that girl is so hot...."
Guy 2, "Izz"
by RioMac March 01, 2010
The midfix -izz- is used as an embellishment to add syllables to words, perhaps for purposes of meter. When context allows, sometimes the remainder of the word is actually omitted.

Regular: "I'm going out to walk the dog."

Instead: "I'm going out to wizzalk the dizzog!"

Or: "I'm going out to wizz the dizz!"

by A speculator March 18, 2003
Addition: sometimes when using the option to drop the rest of the word, "-izzle" is used instead of "-izz".
From below... "I'm going izzle to wizzle the dizzle!"
by A speculator March 18, 2003
a nickname for "Isaiah." an Izz is a real romantic, cuddly kind of guy who lOVEs attention, especially from girls. he'll do about anything to have a good time and makes the people around him have fun too.
"that izz gave me the best time the other day. he's amazing"
by Salamandate June 01, 2009
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