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An infix that was originally used to sanitize words so they could be played on the radio. You can say (1b) on the radio, but not (1a). It is inserted into any word immediately after a syllable-initial consonant (1), or in mono-syllabic vowel-initial word, at the beginning of the word (2). This infix contributes no meaning to the word, but is a part of a series of hip-hop word games, starting with -iz- and developing to include -izz and -izzle which truncate the remaining part of the word.
(1a) f**k the bit*h with a jackhammer
(1b) fizzuck the bizzitch with a jizzackhizzammer

(2a) H to the O, V to the A (from the Jay-Z song 'HOVA')
(2b) H to the Izzo, V to Izza (/Izzey/)
by Reilly January 26, 2004
A random word you throw into conversations when they are going nowhere or really boring. Like if you notice people are starting to trail off and talk to someone else you throw a noodle biscuit in there and they will wonder what it means and they will focus there attention on you. Try it! it works
I had to "noodle biscuit" my way out of that jam.
by Reilly March 10, 2005
1. Clothes worn by people ((usually teens)) who think that they are better than everyone else because their daddy can pay for all the paper shirts their hearts desire. Usually skinny,twiggy girls who walk in a syncranized group with COACH bags and burned hair from those god-damn straghtening irons.

2. Clothes worn by people who can't find their self image and believe that they must be "popular" and liked by "popular" people so they need to buy clothes that they think scream out, IM POPULAR!! LOOK AT MY SHIRT!! DO YOU NOTICE ITS FROM A&F!!! Girls who dont realize that these overpriced paper shirts dont make you popular but make you a sucker for the A&F company. And the girls who think that if their shirt has a microscopic stain that the whole world cares so they can't wear it.

3. Worn by girls who notice what everyone wears, when they wore it and how much money they have. Worn by girls who think they know everyone
GIRL 1- OMG becky did you just buy that 100$ shirt? OMG!
BECKY- Yea why? my dad gave me like totally 500$ so who cares?
GIRL 1- I do... i have that shirt, you cant have it too, and you have money? ew its like all about the credit card!

INSECURE GIRL 1- I have like 3 shirts from abercrombie. They are so cool, do you think i'll be popular?
INSECURE GIRL 2- I HATE YOU! your so lucky, you got how many abercrombie shirts?

PLASTIC GIRL 1- wow, she like wore that outfit like 2 weeks ago? and she totally copied it from Melissa **rolls eyes**
PLASTIC GIRLS FOLOWERS- YEA... your so right... like eww
by Reilly February 21, 2005
A juggalo that doesnt take shit. He is usually really tall and really strong. He doesnt take shit from ANYONE. If anyone fucks with him or any of his homies he will harshly smash them.
Dude that "juggalox" guy smashed my friend for being gay.

That juggalox just curb stomped that guy man..shit i think hes dead.
by Reilly March 15, 2005
1. Shit, usually alot of it from an animal
2. pie hole, your mouth, usually used by older adults who were taught not to curse :)
1. Eww i smell that horse pie!!
2. Oh just shut your pie hole!
by Reilly February 21, 2005
There are many versions of the "bases". Usually used by immature children or teens who still laugh when someone says penis. Those same kids are the ones who cant say the word penis but have to use signals with their eyes or say, "the you know what ;-).
-Hey, i got to FIRST BASE today!!!
-With who?
-OMG did you get to see his... well you know.
by Reilly February 21, 2005
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