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A completely natural fruit juice with a splash of sparkling water, cleverly disguised in a rad looking bottle or can so you feel like you're indulging in sugary pop, when all you're doing is drinking juice. Relatively unknown due to the fairly selective selling of it and a slightly absurd price. (Sold in Whole Foods, coffee shops, Chipotle, ext.) Most popular with teens, especially vegetarian, "Go Green!" types and scene kids. Also popular with health freaks but generally enjoyed by anyone sane enough to try it. UNDENIABLY DELICIOUS. Flavors include: sparkling pomegranate, apple, grapefruit, blueberry, clementine, peach, and blackberry.
Persephone: What's your favorite flavor of Izze? Mine's Sparkling Pomegranate!
Tiffers: Um, what's Izze?
Peresephone: Look it up on urban dictionary. *walks away shaking head with pity*
by PockyXxVamp October 21, 2008
A juice usually found in a bottle. I don't really like it, but a lot of people do cuz its all natural.
"i've got some izze in the fridge if you want some."
by xavier February 06, 2005
Sperming or Ejaculating uncontrollably, usually in the presence of men. Probably should get checked out if you have this problem, could embarrass you in front of your homies.
Yo he just Izzed all over!
by 69errr August 03, 2011
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