Effing amazing song by the coolest band ever.
Yeah, you bleed just to know you're alive. <3
by stop the world xxx March 31, 2004
An amazing girl who can make the toughest men melt with her angel voice, she really is an eye opener and just makes every one around her a better person just by knowing her. Gods finest work by far!

Iris is a girl who is pure, divine and beautiful.
Who's that?
The angel?
Her name is Iris.
by Maaaaaaaaaaaaaa July 24, 2013
abbr: Indiana Robotics Invitational
Sean: Hey Libby, you going to IRI this summer?
Libby: Oh yeah, IRI Rocks my Socks
by FIRSTnerd March 25, 2007
The word Iris can mean many things
1. The colored part of sum bitch's eye.
2. The Greek Godess of Rainbows
3. A kickass song made by the Goo Goo Dolls for the movie City of Angels
4. A flower with 3 petals that can grow up to 6feet tall...no joke
5. Me, and my hotness :)
Flower: Yo, look at that Iris....It's Fukin Tall.
Eye: Your Iris' are beautiful.
Song: Yea, You bleed just to know your alive.
Me: Check Iris out today, she is le secks.(Quote from Anthony:D:D:D)
by Iris March 23, 2005
Awesome girl. Scary but awesome. Mysterious, but really sweet once you get to know her tends to be very random
That girl Iris is really scary but she's actually pretty cool.
by halcyon22 July 16, 2014
Fucking kerstboom all over the place
Dafuq, dat is een Iris
by ad;lfjadfn March 23, 2013
shes a great person to be around, great for a laugh, even if her jokes arent the best or even funny at all. shes loveable and is the most gorgeous person you will ever meet, inside and out. but if you fall out with her or bitch abiut her behind her back you will lose her for a very long time because Iris doesnt forgive and forget that easily, and when she does forgive you most people would say she shouldnt forgive that person so easily. Shes lively and fun, brown haired and brown eyed beauty that always looks good in a skirt. shes trustworthy and always there for you when ever and where ever.
omg i would never have forgiven her for that if that where me!
other girl - yeh but shes Iris.
by Trafford112 April 11, 2015

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