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The fourth Misty of the Pokemon anime. Iris is a Dragon-type trainer in Pokemon Black and White. She actually seems somewhat smarter than Misty and WAY smarter than Dawn.

Too bad she can't hit Brock for flirting, though. He got replaced by a guy named Dent, who doesn't flirt like Brock does.

BTW, Iris has dark skin and hair, leading some people to believe that she is black.
Iris sure is great. She makes Pokemon more watchable again.
#ash #misty #may #dawn #pokemon
by Barujiina January 30, 2011
An Australian Pokemon forum. Probably the worst Pokemon forum on the Internet.

As a Pokemon fan, I have issues with them. The website is full of arrogant, anti-religion, left-leaning people who hate people who go against the Bulbagarden "norm". I stopped going there because I couldn't take the nasty people. What a normal person might take as safe, another person might take as a crime against them.

Bulbagarden Forums is the place for you if you like Pokemon and Australia and are arrogant. If not, stay away from them.

See also: Serebii (the "god" of the Pokemon fandom)
Bulbagardener: Arceus rules! It's so cool! It's also so great to be Aussie! (starts ranting about how great Australia and Pokemon are.)

Normal Person: What's your problem? Arceus is an overgrown llama. I can tell you were on Bulbagarden Forums.

(Bulbagardener throws tantrum.)

Normal Person: Gimme a break.
#bulbasaur #pokemon #australia #arrogant #asshole #liberal #pikachu
by Barujiina January 30, 2011
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