A fairly expensive flower, but can also be a persons name
Hey iris you wanna go play hide and seek?

Iris did you do your homework?

I bought an iris today
by Thecoolkids6910987 March 05, 2015
The fourth Misty of the Pokemon anime. Iris is a Dragon-type trainer in Pokemon Black and White. She actually seems somewhat smarter than Misty and WAY smarter than Dawn.

Too bad she can't hit Brock for flirting, though. He got replaced by a guy named Dent, who doesn't flirt like Brock does.

BTW, Iris has dark skin and hair, leading some people to believe that she is black.
Iris sure is great. She makes Pokemon more watchable again.
by Barujiina January 30, 2011
Extremely gay, every girl wants to be with her. Some may know her as the goddess of gayness. Also a whore
Lesbe honest, iris is pretty much a flamer
by SABZ-37 December 01, 2014
(1) A part of the eye.
(2) An incredibly amazing song by the GooGoo Dolls, from their CD Dizzy Up The Girl.
"And I don't want the world to see me/Cause I don't think that they'd understand/When everything's made to be broken/I just want you to know who I am"- some of the lyrics from Iris.
by Katy December 25, 2003
An incredibly stupid blonde who doesn't know how to unlock her car on the driver side because she turned the key the wrong way the first time and couldn’t figure it out until explained to her. She also couldn't find the Hulk when he was on a silly piece of candy wrapper and was often referred to as a potato.
"Did you see Iris?"
"Yeah she was looking for the Hulk!"
"Oh, she does know it was on a candy wrapper right?"
by Oh Frack! August 12, 2011
The micro-thin, titanium (and later titanium-trinium alloy) shield that is used to keep unwanted intruders from entering the SGC via the Stargate. For security purposes, it is generally kept closed until a valid GDO signal is sent through an incoming wormhole. When it is closed, unwanted intruders are unable to fully re-form upon exiting and are killed.
General Hammond ordered the iris closed to prevent a Goa'uld attack.
by Teal'c November 28, 2004
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