(v) to make the penis wet, presumably for intercourse.
Sally and I were about to get busy, but I couldn't since I was dry. She used her mouth to invaginate my penis, and then we got it on.
#sex #penis #invaginate #moist #vagina #juices
by invaginator October 30, 2007
Top Definition
1. To enclose or become enclosed.

2. To turn or become inward.

3. To infold or become infolded so as to form a hollow space within a previously solid structure.
The larnyx ventricle conists of a large fold invaginating from the lumen.
by Belisarius March 02, 2004
1. the action of engulfing into the vaginal cavity
2. imagining/fantasizing about vagina related topics
1. Destruction Mike: "Hey did you penetrate her last night?"

Fuckin' Phoenix: "Nah bro, she totally invaginated me"
2. FP: "are you even listening to me!?"

DM: "soz dude I wasnt payin attention, I was just invaginating about stuff with my invagination"
#invaginate #invagination. imagine #imagination #imagining #invaginating #destruction mike #fucking phoenix #bae
by Destruction Mike December 10, 2014
to become vagina like
that tree trunk looks like it could invaginate
#vagina #vaginas #invagination #vagina-esque-ification #regina
by ultrajesus4000 May 08, 2006
To take a relatively sharp implement and thrust it in a penetrating fashion into another body creating a vagina like hole.
I am going to invaginate you with this vegetable peeler and then fuck the shit out of your tiny vaginas .
#stab #shank #shiv #murder #kill #violate #rape #toast
by CreepyG June 02, 2010
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