Intertwined in a tangled manner.
John's and Marsha's bodies were passionately intertwingled.

The kitten left my knitting yarns hopelessly intertwingled.
by Chuck Hastings June 28, 2003
Top Definition
A portmanteau of "intertwined" and "intermingled". Coined by Ted Nelson to describe computerdom and information, but can be used in any situation.
"Computerdom is an immense intertwingled tapestry."

"Man, my headphone cables are all intertwingled."
by zomgmouse April 01, 2010
A cross-connected informational state that is neither hierarchal, subject-related nor distinctly separate from multiple contexts; defying simplistic categorization.
Everything is deeply intertwingled.
by Dan Conover April 21, 2008
A combination of intertwined and tangled. Also used as slang for hooked up
1. Natalie and Robbie intertwingled on Friday night.
2. My earbuds always get intertwingled in my pocket.
by 0dysseu$ May 06, 2013
Invented by ME in 2001, but my entry seems to have disappeared!

A word to describe something which is twinkling and is intermingled with something else.
The sparkly ribbon got intertwingled.
by purple glow November 29, 2003
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