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I give up.
I stay awake till 5:27 AM trying to finish some stupid History movie review, and i just end up wasting a good 8 hours browsing Urban Dictionary and talking to myself. From now on im gona accept that im incapable of doing homework and use my time on other things such as homework or msn, or URBAN DICTIONARY.
Thats procastination for ya.
Im not even gona try to do homework at home. Only at about 6:00 AM do i work efficiantly or in lunch during shcool.
by Kosty September 26, 2006
You know it's intense when you start sweating like crazy.
<GB> So I entered a empty air-conditioned room, sat down on a chair by myself and after 5 mins of doing some intense gr. 11 math I was sweating all over the place

<Ped> LoLz!!!!!!111oneoeneon
by Kosty August 07, 2006
What you and me are.
If you live your life by spedning time trying to earn money, make relationships work, be different in some sort of way, and on an unconcious level seek some form of leadership, then, you my friend, are a CONFORMIST. We all talk, dress and think alike. No one is a 'unique snowflake' and no one is special or different.

See the 7 BILLION people who live on this earth.
by Kosty August 06, 2006
Something me and you are probably not.

Something that most people think they are, and guess what, their not. And i can say that cause im 16.
Here is my favorite example of a smart person:

- "George Bush is in idiot! And I can make that claim because I know how the economy works, how politics works and what he and his group of intelligent advisors are doing! I mean, HE IS ONLY THE PRESIDENT OF THE USA, HOW COULD HE NOT BE A COMPLETE MORON AND NOT HAVE EVEN THE SLIGHTEST CLUE OF WHAT HE'S DOING!?!??!?!?" - the average 16 year old

by Kosty September 26, 2006
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