A car that is also used to get people from point A to point B. It comes in various models from the LS to the GSR. There is a type R model for the people who want to travel with a little more style, after all it does come with a sports package. However, it's not meant to be modified due to the fact that it has no torque, and even if it was turbocharged, it would still run mid 13s-15s (I have proof)
*At the track*

Ahmed:Man check out that Integra Type R, it just ran 14s and it's turbocharged!?
Chuck:What can I say it has no torque.
by Andrew May 07, 2004
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The Integra Type R is a 2 door, front wheel drive sports coupe first debuted in 1995 in Japan. It's equipped with Honda's B18 engine producing 187 horsepower at 8,800rpm and 131 lbs-ft torque at 7,300rpm. The Integra Type R was a big competitor among Japanese sports cars in the mid 90s to mid 2000s and gained a very large fan-base, especially among Honda enthusiasts. The Integra Type R was in a group of cars that people often refer to as "The Type R Brothers", these cars were the NSX Type R, Integra Type R, and Civic Type R. Later on in the early 2000s, Honda built a refreshed version called the DC5, it was a bit bigger but now along with the Civic Type R, it used Honda's K20A2 engine which made 220hp at 8,000rpm and 206 lbs-ft torque at. It was till front wheel drive but had a new chassis which was stiffer than the older model along with suspension, aero, and braking enhancements. Later on in the mid 2000s the Integra got a facelift and a few enhancements such as better suspension tuning, brakes, tires, and slightly shorter gearing to help acceleration. The car was a great success and was featured on famous auto tv shows and DVD's like Best Motoring where several Type R's raced and won many races. But sadly, Honda discontinued the Integra shortly after along with the legendary NSX and only the Civic remained, but hopefully Honda goes back to building fun, fast, affordable sports cars.
I saw a DC5 Integra the other day, but I don't think it was a Type R though.
(Nicknames for the Integra are: Integi or Inte)
Definition: Honda's FWD Sports Coupe
by AngelofSpeed Type R May 20, 2016
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