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GReddy is a car parts company specializing in exhausrs.
damn that greddy pipe is hard
by Anonymous April 30, 2003
a flaming homosexual on efnet
greddy is a flaming homo.
by dicksRus May 23, 2003
The Great Glowing Super Sleuth who wanders Jeep boards everywhere to bestow knowledge upon all those in need. One of great cerebral capacity and preminition. Let Teh Glow Flow.
"Greddy is straight pimp with his knowledge, yo."
Turd From Baton Rouge who Spends way to much time on JU...
Greddy you are a turd get off of JU..
by Johnny stinkweed January 20, 2004
An ass bandit who claims to have a fast car, but really has a fat dick in his ass
<GReddy`> My HOMIE has a B18C5 in his HONDA/ACURA and he runs 4 second 1/4 miles. <GReddy`> oh, and i suck cock.
by owned August 09, 2003
A black man who likes womenz
hey ho, come on my yellow lexus !

that nigra is :greddy:
by Angry white man April 27, 2003
A gay azn fag on IRC.
<GReddy`> I love the cock and #honda-perf owns my gay ass
by GuRetty August 31, 2003

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