The disorder in which one falls asleep very late and awakens very early. Even though the person may desire sleep he or she is simply unable to find that sweet sweet state of dream-land until the wee (thats right, I said "wee") hours of the morning.
Ive had insomnia for the past four years, I dont fall asleep until around 5:30 and I wake up at 7:15.

Jackass: Man I slept so good last night after the concert, I was asleep as soon as I got in bed.
Person with insomnia (me): I hate you more than life itself.
by Livs en Reise December 18, 2005
Insomnia is a cruel joke.

insomnia is a sleep disorder. even when you're dead tired, you cant sleep.

i have insomnia. last night i got to sleep at 4:30. i have to wake up at 5:20. every day i drink enormous amounts off caffeine. i still walk around like a zombie.
every morning in homeroom, this girl asks me how i slept, while telling me how she went right to sleep right away.

idiot in homeroom: hey, how'd you sleep? i slept greeeat.

me: i have insomnia. leave me alone.
by <xinsomniacx> April 17, 2008
One of THE best Melodic Death groups ever. Formed in Finland, they are known for their passionate sound and excellent technical skill. Unfortunately, like so many other good bands you would be lucky to run into a person who has heard of them.
My mom forced me to go to a Jonas Brother's concert. Luckily I played Insomnium on my iPod afterwards, thus saving me from total ear rape.
by RabarJabar June 22, 2009
Not being able to sleep know matter how much you want it
person a:How did you sleep

person b:i didnt u fucktard
by Breana August 06, 2005
The best music ever, better then anything else you have heard. Its composed so well it will make you shit you self.
"what music do you listen to?"
"Insomnium bitch"
by yourmumlikesmyd May 08, 2009
insomnia IS a sleeping disorder, for any idiot who thinks insomnia can turn into one!

it can go on for a very long time - ive had mine for 6 years, and even the doctors said i am an insomniac.

you can take pills but they rarley help.

you'll know if you have it.

gerard : you always seem so tired. why wont you get off your videogames for once and get some sleep?

vince : i can't you fucking idiot, i'm an insomniac.
by xcarlax November 27, 2007
A condition where a person cannot find sleep, and therefore life enjoyment goes out the window. I consider myself a chronic insomniac and have been this way for the past month and so I do not know when I will ever have a good night's sleep again.
I wish this insomnia would end and I can slip off into dreamland as opposed to slitting my wrists.
by Paul Ward March 25, 2007

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