A common health problem characterised by difficulty in either falling or staying asleep. It can occur on its own (primary) or as a result of another medical disorder, such as depression (secondary).
Insomnia can be debilitating.
by Doc_B April 16, 2015
NOUN: A condition characterized by lack of the ability to sleep for prolonged periods of time, or otherwise extremely restless sleep. Often, insomniacs have trouble either falling asleep, staying asleep, or having a prolonged sleep cycle. If you're extremely unlucky, a combination of two or even all three of these characteristics can be present. Many (but not all) insomniacs tend to have underlying mental or emotional disorders that cause (or at least contribute to) the lack of sleep associated with insomnia.

Also, a pretty damn decent Stephen King novel, if you're into long reads.
Insomnia is the reason I'm writing this after 45 straight hours without sleep.

INSOMNIA (novel), however, is the reason I stopped reading books before bed.
by N00berson mcgee February 21, 2013
1. A disorder that prevents one from sleeping.

2. What you pay a doctor to diagnose you with so you can get medical weed.
1. Max became very adept at masturbation after two weeks of insomnia. He just had too much time.

2. James paid some corrupt doctor to prescribe him weed for his "insomnia".
by MyDogBarksAtTheWashingMachine November 18, 2012
That word that High Schoolers/College Students use when they are up too late, but really has nothing to do with the actual disorder.
omg dude I'm up at 3 in the morning, I totally have insomnia.
by iH8U February 06, 2012
The inability to sleep. A disorder.
It's 2:05 AM and I'm still not slightly sleepy, yet I got up early this morning. Maybe I have light insomnia.
by Bastardized Bottomburp October 17, 2003
You disagree with yourself; your eyes want to close but your mind wont shut the F up. The commitee wont stop talking. The time of night when Benadryl wont work. Although your should be sleeping, you are thinking of everything from last years jokes to what your wearing tomorrow. For instance, right now I have insomnia. I cannot put away my iPad... i just cant.
Husband "you look like crap!"
Me "I have insomnia, But on the upside I watched a Dog the Bounty hunter Marathon and added to the Urban Dictonary!"
Husband "you look like crap".
by Libbyidol May 18, 2014
When you can't sleep no matter what and to avoid losing your mind, developing a split personality and joining Fight Club you post shit on Urban Dictionary only to find there are other sick fucks stalking you on your computer and posting shit also and/or blocking your submissions.
Waking Beauty: Yo I cannot sleep for shit, I have Insomnia and Urban Dictionary isn't publishing any of my shit so fuck it I'm gonna join Fight Club, beat people up or get beaten and blow up shit!

Sleeping Beauty: Huh, ZZZzzzzzz
by Goddess12* December 10, 2013

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