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A very flawed character trait that results from low confidence and low self-esteem, often due to rejection or a humiliating experience as a child. They feel socially inadequate, causing them to worry about what people think about them. They want to be liked by people and will go out of their way to please others, because they don’t want people mad at them. Insecure people often compare themself to others to see how they “stack up” against the perceived “competition.” An insecure male will often be controlling in his relationship, because he feels he is not worthy of having his woman and, therefore, fears his girlfriend will find a better man. He gets angry and jealous if another man only looks at his woman in admiration. He will listen in on other people’s conversations to hear if people are talking bad about him, or will read his woman’s diary to see if she is betraying him. Insecure people will often insult or bully others to feel better about themselves. They will also lie about their alleged “success” to impress people. Basically, insecure people hide their real self to avoid being rejected or despised, when most of their perceptions are false.
Being insecure is probably the most common emotional problem.
by krock1dk December 31, 2008
Someone who insults others to hide their own weaknesses.
Look at that kid. He insults others caling them immature when he is immature himself. Insecure freak.
by spel itt rite August 08, 2006
Someone who doesn't have self-confidence, who is full of doubts about himself/herself.
I always tell her how beautiful she is but she won't believe me, she's so insecure.
by Mehdi- May 08, 2014
A feeling experienced by all teenage girls. It is often discomfort or doubt about looks, intelligence, purpose in the world...etc. It often exists without warrant or explanation, and one would hope it goes away by adulthood.
Boy/Adult: Are you insecure?

Teenage girl: HA, I'm a fifteen year old girl, of course I'm insecure!
by TeenageTruther December 26, 2012
A flawed character/personality trait that makes a man (usually), who is not happy with himself, lie about his pathetic life to cover his failures. He will “invent” people, situations or things to boost his image. He will reiterate his numerous “successes” to look superior. If he has a girlfriend he will disrespectfully read her diary, monitor her conversations or spy on her to see if she is cheating. If he is in public with his woman, he gets jealous when a guy looks at her (which is actually a compliment) because he is threatened by another man and knows deep down that he isn’t worthy of her. He feels as though his sense of self-worth (or lack of it) is found in the woman in his life because he must have a woman and sex to be happy. He will also talk bad about others to make himself feel better.
Insecure people are extremely needy, lonely, miserable losers who need to get a life.
by krock1dk March 16, 2008
Insecure can be defined by many things. For one, if someone has to constantly repeat how great or attractive they think they are, clearly they're not entirly sure about it. They might be trying to convince themselves it's true. 2nd, they lie. A lot. This is because they're too ashamed of their own lives to except them for what they REALLY are, so they make up people and situations in order for their lives to sound a little more exciting. 3rd, they're easy. As in, they would go to third base on a first date. They need either a lot of guys or girls approval in order to be confident with their appearence, love life, exct. And lastly, they put other people down. They'll make an unecessary, rude comment and try to pass it of as a joke. Call them out on it and they'll say that they really don't care. But if they're even taking the time to respond, then they obviously do.
The insecure girl really needs to get over herself.
by %6$&8(7& November 03, 2007
Things you hate about yourself. They eat you up because you never feel good enough or worthy of anything you have. You hate looking at yourself and you compare yourself to everyone. It happens to girls and guys. It could lead you down so very dangerous paths in life. Surround yourself with people who love an accept you, and the insecurities will stop taking over your life. People are insecure themselves so theu bully others who are as well.
Person 1: Why does she look so sad?
Person 2: She is the most insecure person I have ever met, much like Tom over there.
Person 1: We should go make fun of them.
Person 2: Yeah let's go.
by Insecure but strong December 16, 2012

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