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Someone who insults others to hide their own weaknesses.
Look at that kid. He insults others caling them immature when he is immature himself. Insecure freak.
by spel itt rite August 08, 2006
Someone who thinks vulgar words are funny. Most children exhibit this behavior.
Child: I drew a butt! Ha ha ha! Me: That's not funny. That's immature.
by spel itt rite January 16, 2006
Well, in the case of Urban Dictionary, it's someone who's only posted one definition, and that definition always bashes some other system.
I believe we all know what a fanboy is.
by spel itt rite March 14, 2006
What a girl does to get you to like her, but then sooner or later you find that she's already going out with someone, which makes you jealous.
You can make up your own example of flirt.
by spel itt rite January 14, 2006
A person whose age ends with "teen." Some are normal, some are idiots. Often stereotyped by the media to be idiots who listen to punk rock, etc.
Me: Hello. Idiot: Oh my god a teenager! Run! Me: Shut...up!
by spel itt rite January 18, 2006
Awesome blue hedgehog that saves the world from time to time.
Let's go play some Sonic.

PS: I'm surprised Sega Slayer hasn't come here yet.
by spel itt rite February 19, 2006
Ebonics for am/are/is.
You be trippin' (translation: You're acting weird!)!
by spel itt rite February 04, 2006

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