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never heard of it are an amazing band who come from america, they sing about tacos and tequila but apart from that they sing about things that mean something to them. The band members are davin,rick,jeff,elmo and greg. they are funny guys who are great to hang out with. they have had many albums including limited edition,moving on,the new shit and their new album 11 days. some of their songs are taco song,alone,waste of time,up all night,no regrets,veronica,build me up,i'll change for now,last letter read,hard headed,feb 31st,etc. they are fucken awesome.
i saw a band called 'never heard of it' in concert in brighton and i met davin and got elmos drumstick,jeffs water and jeff,rick and davin hugged me and signed my t-shirt.
by rachel February 18, 2004
Amazing terrific band. On their way to becoming absolutely huge. Love them mucho...
"Dude, NHOI came to my house last night after the show! We got so wasted on tequila!"
by Vertical Not Horizontal March 28, 2004
A term used in response to anything disinteresting. Highly effective when used when speaking to someone you loathe. A good conversation ender.

This term can be used in any social setting.
Random guy in bar-"Hi. Can I buy you a drink?"

Mitch-"Do you listen to 'N Sync?"

Mitch-"What about Backstreet Boys?"

Mike-"What are your thoughts on Dub-yah as President?"
by geniusH August 05, 2006
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