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An kick-ass female-fronted grunge band.

Generally disliked by ignorant 14 year old 'cult of Kurt' members believing "shock horror!" conspiracy theories due to being in denial that their 'God' would possibly rather be dead than writing songs for them to play air guitar to in their bedrooms.
Hole are better than Nirvana.
by Raphaella February 20, 2007
Insult of chav origin, referring to an ugly/fat/unclean person.
"Errr, what a fucking rotter"
by Raphaella February 24, 2008
A pretentious form of music for rich, image-obsessed students who see themselves as "intellectual" and think smoking and wearing tweed's cool because Pete Doherty does it.

Indie may be "cool" but it's fucking boring.
"Let's backcomb our hair and listen to obscure bands because we're indie"
by Raphaella February 05, 2007

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