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1. the opposite of textbook, in terms of appearance or maneuvers; sloppy, sketchy, antitextbook
Did you see that nasty ass kickflip? It was so sketchbook
by eyeloveyoumore March 03, 2007
(n) derived from the word sketchy. this is a word that describes someone who shows sketchiness to a ridiculous extent.
dude, that stalker kid is such a sketchbook....
by thespatula0224 December 22, 2008
written documentation of the proceedings of a party. (The party's "minutes", so to speak) Mainly includes profound words of wisdom spoken under the influence of whatever legal or illegal substances are present, such as "Where'd all these robes come from?" (Natasha, 3:25 a.m., 3/22/03)
As the night progresses and people become "sketchier", the term becomes increasingly relevant to the contents of the book.
Upon reviewing the book at a later time, if you are able to decipher your own scribbling, it can provide fabulous material for ridiculing the other partygoers for their wacky antics and genius-like wisdom.
Person 1: Wait, what? Wait, say that again so I can write it in the sketchbook...
Person 2: Ok... wait... was I talking just then?
by brooklyn516 September 19, 2004
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