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person frequently involved in foolish acts, or person posessing little sense.
keith jardine
by milner December 12, 2003
person of limited intelligence with annoying personality traits
alvin baxter
by milner December 12, 2003
this is a very unfortunate mistake made when sayin shame shame.
Joey:I got beaten up for feeling a girls breasts yesterday.
Fred:shma hsmae
by milner July 09, 2004
origionally bands without a record label.
Now a variety of bands tht get worse by the minute, most indie is more depressing than emo, each song boring after 2 times worth of hearing it, and hooribly over played, because indie is the new "in"
most indie ppl say they are different and "individual" this cannt be true as they are indie, also most are just trendies and dont actually like the music!!!
guy:hey are you going to leeds fest?
indie kid:yeah of course
guy:what bands are you going to see?
indie kid:you mean bands play there
guy:i just dont want to talk to you
indie kid:just because im better than you and more individual than youll evere be
by milner April 13, 2005
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