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reply to 'see you later alligator'.
a) alex, s'ya later alligater'
b) yeah, in a while crocodile
by eugeni November 08, 2004
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The correct way to respond to "see you later alligator". Saying "after a while crocodile" is lame and incorrect and anyone who says it is shiesty
Doug: "I've gotta go take a shit. See you later alligator"

Kelsey: "In a while crocodile"
by suckitdoug September 21, 2011
An incorrect phrase for the actual phrase "after while crocodile".
Some one incorrectly responds to the phrase "see you later alligator" by saying "in a while crocodile" when they should have actually responded by saying "after while crocodile."
by Language Expert March 05, 2014

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