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8 definitions by eugeni

reply to 'see you later alligator'.
a) alex, s'ya later alligater'
b) yeah, in a while crocodile
by eugeni November 08, 2004
noun It means "orgasm". The origin of this phrase is the french language.
Oh, every time we do doggie results in a little death.
by eugeni November 22, 2004
(hispanic) Dude, fella.
Que pasatitu?
by eugeni April 30, 2004
Short for Don't Be Gay.
Dude1: That is too heavy.
Dude2: DBG... D fucking BG!!
by eugeni May 05, 2004
Criticize or punish sb severely.
The boss gave me hell for not telling him about it.
Don't give me hell that loud please.
by eugeni March 21, 2004
Town in the catalan coast line where really cool people is from. Also referred to as "la torre".
Magri: Yo, wassup, are you in torredembarra yet?
Eugeni: No not yet, I get to "la torre" at six, yo.
by eugeni March 21, 2004
great shit
dude 1:you're invited to the playboy party
dude 2:that's the dog's bullocks
by eugeni March 17, 2004