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when a person is acting shadey...kinda I guess talking smack behind ur back.. then acting like everythings peachy king when youre face to face with them
Man.. youre shiesty! =)
by Kerrianna Beck May 16, 2003
someone who acts like there down with you, and behind your back is doing you dirty.
Mike Roman your so shiesty,...that's what we will call you. SHIESTY!!
by someone you fucked over!! December 12, 2004
adj.; another form of shiezer meaning sinister or shady
Man that guy is shiesty, he didn't pay me all my change!
#shady #shiezer #shiest #shitty #crappy
by jd-squared September 29, 2005
Shiesty usually refers to an action that is greedy and/or inconsiderate. When someone is shiesty it means they dont think about others and do things that help them even if they know it harms someone else in anyway.
An example of when someone is shiesty is; You ask someone for gum and they say they don't have any, but he/she really did have gum but didnt want to give you any.
#greedy #stingy #shady #inconsiderate #selfish
by Zane Lavallee February 11, 2010
low-down, dirty, corrupt
It was shiesty of his dad to my ass...
by L-dogg December 06, 2003
Based on the word "shyster," meaning "an unethical, unscrupulous practitioner, especially of law." It comes from the German term "scheisser," which literally means "one who defecates."
John Ashcroft got real shiesty after eating at Taco Bell.
by Venus May 27, 2004
Shady, A suspicious character
He is being Shiesty.
by geeked-out January 21, 2004
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