Acronym for "I like your style." Pronounced "eye-liss"
Person 1: I don't get tipsy, I get wasted
Person 2: ilys
by RAngel26 January 20, 2010

Could be I love you
I'm leaving you.

Sneaky guys could be saying one thing and meaning another.
Guy: Ily.

Girl: Awee, I love you, too!

Guy *she's such a fool. I secretly mean I'm leaving her. mwahahaha.*
by loveismydrugg November 07, 2010
It Stands For I Love You.
Boyfriend: Hey Babe ILY!

Girlfriend: Awe Thanks Same.
by Reyka January 02, 2010
Also see ily or ILY
-ily is the acronym for the phrase I love you.
Sometimes attached to the ends of people's names to express affection.
*Seen on bathroom stall*
clairebear: g'night
stevo: ily!
clairebear: -ily to!
by junitatheangel August 11, 2009
Meaning I love you. Mostly used by myspacers. Said when you really love a person or when you're saying bye.
Myspace Message:
Jill: Hey, I gtg. Ttyl!!
Coleman:Kay! ILY!!!

Bob:Sara I have something to tell you?
Sara: What is it?
Bob: ILY!!!
by Sammers <33 November 01, 2008
recently 'ILY' has begun to become a verb in it's own write, abandoning it's tradtional meaning (I love you) and rather being used to mean simply I love ....
1. ily this new use of the slang 'ily'
2. ily msn
3. ily britney spears
by high priest and count April 18, 2008
1: I Love You
2: Icky Licky Yupyup
1: aww, how sweet, ily
2: Two women having sex? Ew, ily!
by Goddess Jools December 27, 2006

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