1: I Love You
2: Icky Licky Yupyup
1: aww, how sweet, ily
2: Two women having sex? Ew, ily!
by Goddess Jools December 27, 2006
fuck previous definitions ILY is now a VERB guys

luv the high priest and count of ILY
1. ily msn
2. ily u urban dictionary
by priestmeister April 18, 2008
saying somethings really cool, more for girls terms.Instead of saying "ill".
that shirt is so ily!
by Tina_So.Cal March 07, 2007
love head over heals
Male says to female,"ily pookie no matter what!"
by Kyle Gibson December 14, 2005
A Short term for "I Like Your Style"
Nick:Your cute;ILYS
by iSpeakFacts June 09, 2016
i love you
I love you (ily)
by Carebear:) May 11, 2016
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