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A shortened term for "I love you" used on IM programs such as MSN, Skype, aim and facebook for people too lazy to say I love you.
In english when people say ily they mean "My friends dared me to ask you out but i'll make out with you and dump you after 2 days not considering your feelings.
by le penis head March 19, 2010
6 5
Ily is an asl (American sign language) word for I love you. It is a combination of the asl letters I, L, and Y to stand for I love you, similar to most texting shortcuts. A picture is below.
Well I can't post pics... Sorry, no example today
by Deafie December 10, 2013
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Ily stands for 'I Love You'. It can be used in texting or on the internet. People can say it to friends or other people close to them x]
Friend1 - Heyy we've not spoking since you left
Friend2 - Yeah I know, Iv missed you lots
Friend1 - Ily (L)
Frind2 - Ily2 xx
by Dino.Rawr.X May 16, 2011
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Acronym for "I like your style." Pronounced "eye-liss"
Person 1: I don't get tipsy, I get wasted
Person 2: ilys
by RAngel26 January 20, 2010
7 8
I'll leave you
Also a cheap way of saying i love you.
Girl: i love you. <3
Boy: ily2
Girl: yeah right.
by xoAshleeeeeeyyyyyyyyy November 14, 2010
5 7
Accronym for i love you. Used to express stronq feelinqs toward a person you are texting or talkinq to on MySpace and Facebook. Not only used for a boyfriend or girlfriend but to a best friend.
ily so much<3(:
ily2 babe<3
by HeyCutie(: April 02, 2010
7 11
It Stands For I Love You.
Boyfriend: Hey Babe ILY!

Girlfriend: Awe Thanks Same.
by Reyka January 02, 2010
5 9