A lame way of saying I Love You.

Made even lamer by morons using it in real life.
Sane Person: Bye, Ellen

Ellen: Oh k honey, Ily (hugs)

Sane Person: (barfs over Ellen's shoulder)
by Jaffas (don't taste nice) May 30, 2009
a crusty, cheesy, and lazy means of telling your partner that you have affectionate feelings for him/her, a term which blossomed during the instant messaging era
OMG jeremy ily with all my <3
by peterparkomg February 19, 2007
1. In loving terms, it is an abbreviation for "i love you." Usually used randomly to your boyfriend/girlfriend to make them feel as if you truly do have feelings for them, but you really don't. It is now used to show great or even a little excite.

2. In another term, it means "I'm leaving you." Great for a break up. An excuse in texting that helps break the relationship between two calmly but extremely shocking after a day or two.

Two eighth graders:

Girl: Omg! I forgot to do my history homework!

Boy: I'll make a copy of my homework for you.

Girl: Really? Omg! ily so much <3!

Boy: *sure you do...*

2. Two 11th graders:

Female: I'm bored baby, what are we going to do for our anniversary?

Male: Ugh... I have something to tell you, babe.

Female: What's wrong?

Male: ily

Female: Aww ily 2.

Male: Really?

Female: really!

*tomorrow, female tries to hug and kiss the male, but the male says "Hey, what are you doing? we aren't together anymore."
Female: "What do you mean!?!"
Male: "You forgot about last night? We both agreed that we are leaving each other."*

Female goes into a huge heart attack and ends up in the hospital while the Male is arrested for murder.
by iDefineYou4Fun October 10, 2011
acronym for I Love You or I Like You.
but secretly it means I'll Leave You.
boy: ily.
girl: i'm sure.
by jayteeboo November 16, 2010
i always thought it was an extremely stupid sounding shortening of "silly". but then i found out it means "i love you"
"Oh Spongebob your so ily"
by wiz of aus December 22, 2009
A shortened term for "I love you" used on IM programs such as MSN, Skype, aim and facebook for people too lazy to say I love you.
In english when people say ily they mean "My friends dared me to ask you out but i'll make out with you and dump you after 2 days not considering your feelings.
by le penis head March 19, 2010
the laziest way of saying "I love you" to another person. It often times makes people feel as though they are not loved as much as you say.
Girlfriend: I love you with all my heart baby <3

Boyfriend: ily2 babe.
by smartcookie73 March 18, 2013

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