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Not having enough balls to tell a person you truly love them so you decide to say a short term ily
babe ily ; <3
by mariah ; (: June 16, 2009
a crusty, cheesy, and lazy means of telling your partner that you have affectionate feelings for him/her, a term which blossomed during the instant messaging era
OMG jeremy ily with all my <3
by peterparkomg February 19, 2007
A lame way of saying I Love You.

Made even lamer by morons using it in real life.
Sane Person: Bye, Ellen

Ellen: Oh k honey, Ily (hugs)

Sane Person: (barfs over Ellen's shoulder)
by Jaffas (don't taste nice) May 30, 2009
1. In loving terms, it is an abbreviation for "i love you." Usually used randomly to your boyfriend/girlfriend to make them feel as if you truly do have feelings for them, but you really don't. It is now used to show great or even a little excite.

2. In another term, it means "I'm leaving you." Great for a break up. An excuse in texting that helps break the relationship between two calmly but extremely shocking after a day or two.

Two eighth graders:

Girl: Omg! I forgot to do my history homework!

Boy: I'll make a copy of my homework for you.

Girl: Really? Omg! ily so much <3!

Boy: *sure you do...*

2. Two 11th graders:

Female: I'm bored baby, what are we going to do for our anniversary?

Male: Ugh... I have something to tell you, babe.

Female: What's wrong?

Male: ily

Female: Aww ily 2.

Male: Really?

Female: really!

*tomorrow, female tries to hug and kiss the male, but the male says "Hey, what are you doing? we aren't together anymore."
Female: "What do you mean!?!"
Male: "You forgot about last night? We both agreed that we are leaving each other."*

Female goes into a huge heart attack and ends up in the hospital while the Male is arrested for murder.
by iDefineYou4Fun October 10, 2011
acronym for I Love You or I Like You.
but secretly it means I'll Leave You.
boy: ily.
girl: i'm sure.
by jayteeboo November 16, 2010
i always thought it was an extremely stupid sounding shortening of "silly". but then i found out it means "i love you"
"Oh Spongebob your so ily"
by wiz of aus December 22, 2009
this stands for I Love You
Often put at the end of emails, bebo/myspace comments
OMG did you see her yesterday?
see you tomorrow

by 1234SOPHIE December 15, 2007