A short term for, "I Love You", but they don't mean the same thing. ILY is often used when you're speaking to a friend. If you're actually in love with someone, take your damn time writing out the whole thing.
Friend 1: gah, gotta go.
Friend 2: ILY!
Friend 1: ily2.<33


Boyfriend: I love you.
Girlfriend: ily.
Boyfriend: can't even take the time to write out the extra 5 letters for me? wow, we're through
by muffinmunchernomnom December 21, 2010
ILY is a slang form for i love you and is used mainly on myspace and msn after sentences
"Hey your space is wicked! Comment back ,ily x"
by grace overington March 18, 2007
ily destroyed i love you
girl: i love you (L)
boy: ily2
(not really i just want to get in your pants)
by iKnowWhatUdidLastNight February 07, 2010
The chat speak abbreviation of "I love you".
Omg Linda thank you so much for helping me fix my myspace layout, ily!
by shizzle032093175 July 10, 2008
i loathe you

my own meaning for ily. many people write 'ily' for 'i love you' but i like this one better.
hey! your a mofo!
you suck ily.
by zoe |=) May 29, 2008
i love you
ily sarah.
by y u wanna kno?? January 27, 2009
a crusty, cheesy, and lazy means of telling your partner that you have affectionate feelings for him/her, a term which blossomed during the instant messaging era
OMG jeremy ily with all my <3
by peterparkomg February 19, 2007

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