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1. A unique and pretty name that means "golden dawning".

2. The first name of the famous Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci who also was a former partisan during World War II, she had a long and successful journalistic career.

3. The title of the 1985 film "Oriana" which was about a young girl who is sent to a South American hacienda, where she learns about the life of her reclusive aunt, Oriana.

4. The name of Chicago's premier a cappella chamber choir.

5. A cruise ship owned and operated by P&O Cruises built by Meyer Werft shipyard in 1995, and entered service in 1995 after being christened by the Queen at her home port of Southampton. She is the second ship to carry the name 'Oriana', in tribute to the long serving SS Oriana, which served for Orient Line and P&O from 1959 until 1986.
"Oriana is so nice!"

"I'm devastated about Oriana Fallaci's death, she was my favorite journalist!"

"Oriana was such a great movie, I really reccommend it!"

"Wow, when I went to Chicago, I watched the Oriana choir and they were amazing!"

"I really enjoyed my stay on the SS Oriana"
by shizzle032093175 June 18, 2008
Nickname for the name Oriana.
"Hey Ori can you come over to my house today to hang out?"

instead of saying

"Hey Oriana can you come over to my house today to hang out?"

by shizzle032093175 July 10, 2008
The chat speak abbreviation of "I love you".
Omg Linda thank you so much for helping me fix my myspace layout, ily!
by shizzle032093175 July 10, 2008
Also known as THS, it is a TV documentary series on the E! Entertainment Television cable channel that deals with famous Hollywood celebrities, movies, TV shows and well-known public figures. Among the topics covered on the program include salacious retellings of Hollywood secrets, show-biz scandals, celebrity murders/mysteries, porn-star biographies, and "where-are-they-now?" investigations of former child stars. It frequently features in-depth interviews, actual courtroom footage, and dramatic reenactments. Episodes are sometimes updated to reflect the current life or status of the subject.
I just watched the True Hollywood Story of Kim Kardashian and her family, I didnt know that she had so many kids in her family or that she never went to college!
by shizzle032093175 July 10, 2008
it is a channel on TV which broadcasts popular shows such as
-The E! True Hollywood Story
-E! News
-Live on the Red Carpet
-Chelsea Lately
-Top 100 (hottest bodies, richest teens, most expensive mansions, dirty divorces, etc.)
-Reality shows that allow you to watch the lives of random celebrities such as Anna Nicole Smith, The Kardashians, The Lohan Family, Denise Richards, The Playboy Girls, etc.
I love watching E!, "The Girls Next Door" is my favorite show on there.
by shizzle032093175 June 26, 2008
It is the most prestigious and wonderful and intelligent and interesting group on Flickr, of which you are most likely not a part of.

To be Art Major is to be really pretentious. To write super long comments. To put poetry and lyrics in your photo descriptions. To post snapshots and act like they're the Mona Lisa. To become outraged when you receive critical comments. To take forty pictures of a wall and claim it represents the prolific banality in the world of commercial art. To pretend to know what you are talking about and when you critique photos the critique must be scathing. SCATHING, making the poster cry.

So, to be Art Major is to be blatantly pretentious, and not give a damn.
"Nothing is more Art Major. Nor more cathartic than drunken combat. So run up a tab, transform into an emotional wreck, then blame someone else for your problems and crack a pool stick over their head."-Jackson
by shizzle032093175 June 18, 2008
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