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ilm = i lige måde (the same to you)
"I like you"

"That was some nice playing"
by Skaery March 14, 2005
acronym for I love me.
1) person 1: I was dating this guy for a while and he was real egotistical, like when I told him ilu for the first time, his response was, "sorry, ilm."

2) person 2: Well, I had this girl take headshots for me and I couldn't bring myself to delete any of them because ilm too much.
#self love #ego #acronym #egoism #things that aren't shorter if you say the acronym
by ssskinner September 01, 2007
it means i love myspace.

or i love my space
omg i can change my url!!! omg ilms!!
#ily #ilu #imy #ilmb #ihy
by lyndsey4lyfe January 10, 2008
Stands for "I Like Men"

Putting "I Like Men" as a status on your friends facebook is a great way to fuck with their facebook, and gets many people to like their status.
ILM. What's that stand for? It stands for I Like Men. Wait really?
#like #men #boys #facebook #statuses
by beantown47 December 05, 2010
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