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vague implication of love; could be I Like You or I Love You. Used in text messaging instead of typing the whole thing out.
catch you later BB ilu
by sweetness June 11, 2003
means i love you :D and ilu2 means i love you too!
1: ilu!!!!!
2: ilu2!!!!!
by miss murder July 16, 2006
Acronym commonly described as "I Love You," but just as easily interpreted as "I Loved You"
From School of Seven Bells' song, ILU: "I want you to know that I Loved You."
by Amethyst Rose November 19, 2010
When spoken pronounced `ee-luu' or `ai ell yuu'; typically an abbreviation for `I love you' or some a word that begins with `L'. (eg. `like')
`ILU, Sarah!'
`okay, ilu bye bye'
by Arlen Cuss September 18, 2006
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