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A abbreviation of "at the momemt"
atm I'm doing nothing...
What are you doing atm?
by Skaery March 20, 2005
A person who derives sexual gratification from observing the naked bodies or sexual acts of others, especially from a secret vantage point.
A lot of pervs get turned on by voyeurism
#voyeurism #voyeur #perv #pervert #turned on
by Skaery December 13, 2005
Internet connection:
Local Area Network

Usually used when playing on a network...
Shall we play some LAN tonight?

I'm going to a LAN party
by Skaery March 05, 2005
ilm = i lige måde (the same to you)
"I like you"

"That was some nice playing"
by Skaery March 14, 2005

5 = S
3 = E
4 = A
see e.g 1337 5P34K
#1337 #l33t #leet #5p34k #cs
by Skaery October 09, 2005
Just like hallo, but with a j
Jalloooo... are you there?
by Skaery March 12, 2005
OMTFG = Oh My TitFucking God

The expression comes from Team America
OMTFG, what a n00b

OMTFG, that sucked...
#omtfg #omg #omfg #team american #n00b
by Skaery January 20, 2006
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